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iPhone: Type in really fast

June. 27th, 2007 21:54 by sdelucaPermalink | TrackBack: — exists for 11 years & 7 months ago

Apple continues the teasing process by releasing a new video which focuses on the usage of the keyboard. Some key features of the technology are visually explained in this video:

Several algorithms are used to improve speed and accuracy as follows:

  • First of all, iPhone uses a dictionary and other sources -- such as your address book -- to automatically correct any mistakes when you compose a word or proper names.
  • According to the prediction of the word you compose, the keyboard virtually enlarge the area of the key you are supposed to tap to complete the word.
  • During the composition, the iPhone displays the predicted word so that you can "auto complete" the typing by pressing space bar.
  • The keyboard adapts itself to the context: when typing an URL, the space bar is replaced by 3 others keys: ".com", "." and "/".
  • Il your finger just pressed incorrect keys, a couple of right key suffice to correct the whole word.
  • If you need to correct a word, just place your finger on the word -- a zooming glass appears letting you move the cursor very easily.

That's really smart and impressive.

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